Saturday, April 14, 2012

2012 Southern Regional Finalist

The finals start at 5pm saturday at Ace Miller Arena, Knoxville, TN -- Admission is $10 for adults, 12 yrs old and under free. Champions advance to the National Golden Gloves. Come join us.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New Fees for 2012

USA Boxing has raised the annual fees again. It now cost a boxer $60 per year to become a registered boxer.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Punch Cam --- Scrimmage

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Punch Cam

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Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am starting a sparring list of amateurs boxers. Only Coaches can add boxer's names to the list. Also, only coaches can arrange sparring sessions. If you are a boxer and want on the list, have your coach send me your info.
  I do not need the boxer's name. Not all boxers will be adults so we will not post names. It is not necessary anyway. You can cover details when you contact one another.

Here is what I need:  Coach's name and contact info, boxer's age, weight, number of bouts and your location. Sub-Novice, Novice and open divisions all welcome. No pros. After I get your info I'll add it to the list. The list will be visible to all members of the group. Coaches can contact each other from the list to arrange sparring sessions.

Coaches, send info to: or go to  and send message.


Coach/Contact/Location                                                           Boxer's Age    WT    Bouts
Unattached/, NC              26     165     26
Jack Rose/, TN          24      230     15
LM Sams/, TN     (Female)     20      150       0
Unattached/, TN             15      132     35
Scott Vance/423-426-3479/Johnson City, TN                           19       165    120
Scott Vance/423-426-3479/Johnson City, TN                           20       152    160
Scott Vance/423-426-3479/Johnson City, TN                           19       196     32
Scott Vance/423-426-3479/Johnson City, TN                           13       140     36
Scott Vance/423-426-3479/Johnson City, TN                           16       140     85
 Scott Vance/423-426-3479/Johnson City, TN                          15       160       3
DP Powell / 803-513-0131 / White Rock SC                              25       141     23
Cheyenne Caulder / 803-798-2266 / White Rock SC              15       130     15
 Eric Moorer / 803-798-2266  / White Rock SC                          20       140      2
Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN      18       132    175 Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN      17       123    60
Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN      17       141    100
Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN (FEMALE) 17   132   25
Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN (FEMALE)  28   152  8
Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN      11        70     35
Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN      14        85     30
Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN      11        75     10
Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN      11        85     10
Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN      33        203   40
Andy Smith/ / Chattanooga, TN      24        201   5
L.M. Sams/865-382-5624/Knoxville, TN                                     15        122    1

L.M. Sams/865-382-5624/Knoxville, TN                                     12        107     0

L.M. Sams/865-382-5624/Knoxville, TN                                     13        110     0
 Eric Howard/ 931-287-5577/Crossville, TN                                16        200     0
Eric Howard/ 931-287-5577/Crossville, TN                                17        132     8
Eric Howard/ 931-287-5577/Crossville, TN                                20        145     0
Eric Howard/ 931-287-5577/Crossville, TN                                11          75    11

Eric Howard/ 931-287-5577/Crossville, TN                                11          85      9    
Chris Beasley/615-879-8627/Clarksville, TN                             13         125     2
Chris Beasley/615-879-8627/Clarksville, TN                             14         106     8
Chris Beasley/615-879-8627/Clarksville, TN                             12         106     4
Chris Bealey/615-879-8627/Clarksville, TN                               14        145     1
Chris Beasley/615-879-8627/Clarksville , TN                            12           85    3
Chris Beasley/615-879-8627/Clarksville, TN                             24         300     0
Chris Beasley/615-879-8627/Clarksville, TN (F)                       12        132      0
Chris Beasley/615=879-8627/Clarksville, TN                            31        195     3
Chris Beasley/615=879-8627/Clarksville, TN                            15        145     8
Chris Beasley/615=879-8627/Clarksville, TN (F)                      24        152     0
Chris Beasley/615=879-8627/Clarksville, TN                            19        165     46
Chris Beasley/615=879-8627/Clarksville, TN                            20        152     12
Chris Beasley/615=879-8627/Clarksville, TN (F)                      10        125      0
Chris Beasley/615=879-8627/Clarksville, TN                            20        152      1
Chris Beasley/615=879-8627/Clarksville, TN                            20        178      0
Chris Beasley/615=879-8627/Clarksville, TN                            35        230    16
Kashif Brown/            13    110    30             
Kashif Brown/            14    154   14                   

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


We are holding an officials clinic on Sunday January 8 at 12 noon. Ace Miller Arena, Knoxville, TN. All officials who need to be certified should attend this clinic.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Monday, April 12, 2010

Boxing on Facebook

I encourage all officials, coaches and boxers to join the "Amateur Boxing" facebook page. This will be a great communication tool. Anytime you post a comment, all members get an auto email. So if you want to reach all the refs, coaches or whoever in one stroke, this is it. Or you can carry on a conversation among 15 or 20 officials at one time.  Any member can post a comment about anything boxing related. You also have the option of sending your comment to a member privately.
Just look to the right......   click on "boxing on facebook".


Friday, January 22, 2010


In order to become an amateur boxer you must be between the ages of 8 - 34. You must first register with your local boxing committee before you are eligible to compete. You will need two pictures, a copy of your birth certificate and $51 if you are in the southeastern LBC region. Other regions may have different fees. You will fill out a form and turn it back in to your gym. If you are under 18, you will need a parent or guardian signature on the form.

You will need a mouthpiece and a pair of hand wraps. You can usually get both for under $20 and if you take care of them they will last years. Most gyms have the necessary equipment for training and actual matches. You have the option of buying your own equipment such as a groin protector, headgear and boxing shoes. The protector and headgear MUST have the official USA boxing seal which signifies approval for competition.
You can buy your own training gloves for workouts but the gloves you use for actual matches will be supplied by the host of the boxing show.
You can train and compete in tennis shoes if you do not have boxing shoes.

On your first day, you will be assigned a trainer. Under his direction you will be on a workout schedule until he feels you are ready for your first match.

Good Luck

Monday, December 21, 2009


If you need registration forms, go to the right and scroll down until you see "Boxing Links". In the list, click on "registration forms". This will take you to a list of all the forms you need through USA Boxing. Download what you need and print. Instructions are on the same page.